Meet the Coaches

Greg Perez, CPC, CAC

Kayla Perez, CPC, CLC

“The ripples we create today will be the waves that carve the shores tomorrow.” – Greg Perez

Kayla’s Story

It will be easy to see upon our first meet that I am an optimist. I grew up on a dairy farm in the heart of Wisconsin, and was introduced to responsibility and expectations at a young age. I was guided and shaped throughout my youthful years by a wonderful family with two amazing, loving, hard working and faith filled parents. This propelled me to be a strong independent woman and pursue an education and bachelors degree from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Today, I carry with me the knowledge and experience of executing a great plan, the assurances that hard work pays dividends and that most of life’s little secrets, aren’t so secret.

What does Kayla bring to ALL ASAP COACHING?

I bring a huge heart, empathy and understanding with your struggles to attain a realness within. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I have a never-give-up attitude.

My Values & Beliefs

Love conquers all, if...

There is no doubt I am a fool for a great love story. I continue to excitedly turn the pages to my very own journey pursuing a lifelong career of helping others side by side with my husband. But a strong, lasting relationship takes incredible communication and the understanding that even at its best, it can be improved.

What you feel, ain't always real...

“Follow your heart,” they say. “It won’t lead you astray,” they say. I’m here to tell you that while in the same body, your mind and your heart, if not trained to work as a team will eventually play against each other and cause mass chaos. I’ve had to learn the hard way about ‘being real’ with my emotions and thinking things through.

I'll take my life with a side of adventure...

I’ve played the procrastination card. I’ve left a not-so-great impression on the sofa from a previous wasted segment of my life watching celebrities live out their dreams and fantasies. I’ll sum this up by saying…”It’s my turn to live.”

My ‘Real’ Approach

“Nobody knows you better than yourself.”

This statement, while true, is kind of misleading.

While you might know what things you like in this world, using all of the information you have to make consistent, positive, educated and healthy decisions can prove to be a challenge.

Too many times we have that inner voice we believe has all the answers. This is because it’s ourself after all. We often chose to go with our gut over working out how a decision we make is going to affect every aspect of our life and those we care about.

We have to ‘be real’ and talk things out within ourselves. Reaching an agreement within and finding a balance with our decisions to stay on a positive healthy path. This will prove to be a huge benefit.

Now, when you begin to doubt the communications inside and it seems like ‘self sabotage,’ I highly recommend you find someone to work with. A Life Coach can be a great option. Me for instance.

Greg’s Story

My past life, it has never been as complicated as I made it out to be in my head. All of that doubt, the questions, the anxiety, stress and lack of confidence. For what?

At one point in my life, I slept away seven (7) continuous  years in a deep depressive coma. I will never be able to emphasize this enough. 2,555 days. Over 61,300 hours. Poof. Gone. I have no physical memory of events, milestones or social anything. I gained weight, a lot, topped out at 297 pounds.

Things were not looking good. I needed a reboot.

I diagnosed the problems within and immediately started the massive undertaking of repairing and finding out what my life was all for.

Here I had traveled this unimaginable, dark journey. Today my outlook on the future is nothing short of amazing.

That ridiculously, uncomplicated past gave me perspective and that’s what I needed.

Today, I am the future I never knew would exist. A life of learning how to pull positives from pain, light from despair, and faith from the depths of my damaged core.

What does Greg bring to ALL ASAP COACHING?

I bring a depth of experience. I relate to a huge spectrum of issues that pain most. My coaching skills are always applied with a purpose. My clients usually don’t realize the transformation taking place until they recognize that ‘ah-ha’ moment. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My Values & Beliefs

Pride vs. Progress

Many people I run into throughout the day are verbal with their struggles but not active in their progress to remedy them. Examples are:

  • Employees of stores I patron. (Under paid and overwhelmingly stressed.)
  • People that know what their dream career is. (And are still working towards that career 15+ years into the process.)
  • People wanting to make a difference in their community or work place but feel their voice won’t be heard. (So they remain quiet.)
  • Bystanders watching others have the time of their life at an event. (Outwardly saying they could never be like them, inwardly wishing they could.)
  • Those struggling to make incredibly tough life choices. (Only to go with what someone else has done in hopes it works out the same.)
  • Having a fear of the unknown. (Keeping them from their greatest experiences.)

While I don’t disagree at that it takes tremendous strength and backbone to stand up to whatever holds us back from being the ‘real’ us. I’ve lived all of the above. I’ve experienced the lost energy, building stressors, tearful anxiety and the years lost. More importantly I’ve realized I have the power to never let these happen again. My progress means so much more than my pride.

Look at all of it...

I am a firm believer that if I cannot work an issue out, I just haven’t looked at the whole picture closely enough. There’s a solution and action to every issue. Sometimes, stepping back, taking a breath, calming the nerves and looking at things from a different angle is what’s needed to catch something we probably missed.

Issues vs. Problems

Roughly 95-98% of the things that trouble our lives are issues. Problems however, even tho only accounting for that remaining 2% can seem unbearable and no doubt life altering.

If you believe you have any unresolved issues, I encourage you to book a free evaluation ASAP, before any of your issues become problems.

My ‘Legacy’ Approach

As humans we should all be programmed with the essentials: A sense of morals, internal direction, the will to live, the ability to love, and if we’re lucky a sense of humor.

However, something that is frequently overlooked is the need to leave something behind. This could be for loved ones, community or even the history books.

While your legacy may not be in the form of millions of dollars or the direct cure to a devastating disease, truth of the matter… It could be more valuable than those. You’ll never know the impact you can have on the future if you don’t throw some effort at it. 

Your legacy could be one defining act; maybe an ounce of true wisdom. Or it could also be that you lived your life for success, peace and adventure, that perfect balance. Leaving an example not only for your family, but generations to come.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Now You Have a Team.