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Trust is as essential to personal growth as breathing is to living.

Hi! I’m Greg Perez

Certified Professional Coach and Addiction Recovery Coach

I have lived a life like most everyone I know. If I had to name one thing about me that I enjoy the most in this life, it’s actually quite simple to answer. 

My smile.

I get complimented on this the most. I smile because I have a deep appreciation for life. The life that I live and the life I observe others live and enjoy. I wish I could end it there. 

In full disclosure, I have, as most everyone I know, made mistakes and learned some important lessons in life. How I applied those life experiences have given me greater hope and a deeper passion for the future. Better yet, they keep me smiling.

My Approach & Values

We are amazing creatures, no doubt about it. Our brains are programmed with the essentials: The desire to be productive, a moral compass, the internal direction of right and wrong, the will to live, the ability to love, and if we’re lucky a sense of humor.

What do you want to achieve? Let’s hear it. The crazier the better. You might have heard that quote: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” Norman Vincent Peale- This guy knew what I’m talking about.

Your legacy could be one defining act. Maybe it’s an ounce of true wisdom you pass on as a seed to a loved one that grows to something beyond what dreams can measure. Or it could also be that you lived your life for success, peace, and adventure, that perfect balance. Leaving an example not only for your immediate family but for generations to come.

My Experience

  • Passion for caring
  • Ability to accurately troubleshoot situations
  • Extensive experience in mental health coaching

My Education

  • Continued studies in human psychology
  • Certified through The World Coach Institute

Hi! I’m Kayla Perez

Certified Professional Coach and Life Coach

It will be easy to see upon our first meet that I am an optimist. I grew up on a dairy farm in the heart of Wisconsin and was introduced to responsibility and expectations at a young age. I was guided and shaped throughout my youthful years by a wonderful family with two amazing, loving, hard working and faith-filled parents. This propelled me to be a strong independent woman and pursue an education and bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Today, I carry with me the knowledge and experience of executing a great plan, the assurances that hard work pays dividends and that most of life’s little secrets aren’t so secret.

My Approach & Values

“Nobody knows you better than yourself.”

This statement, while true, is kind of misleading.

While you might know what things you like in this world, using all of the information you have to make consistent, positive, educated and healthy decisions can prove to be a challenge.

Too many times we have that inner voice we believe has all the answers. This is because it’s yourself after all. We often chose to go with our gut over working out how a decision we make is going to affect every aspect of our lives and those we care about.

We have to ‘be real’ and talk things out within ourselves. Reaching an agreement within and finding a balance with our decisions to stay on a positive healthy path. This will prove to be a huge benefit.

Now, when you begin to doubt the communications inside and it seems like ‘self-sabotage,’ I highly recommend you find someone to work with. A Life Coach can be a great option. Me for instance.

My Experience

  • Balanced perspective on struggle
  • Expert in gaining resources
  • Deeply caring and compassionate

My Education

  • Bachelors Degree at UW Milwaukee
  • Certified through The World Coach Institute

We Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, Companies and Corporations

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If you closed your eyes could you imagine a better life? Well open them and let’s start living that better life today!

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Our relationships are so valuable to us that when they fault, they can be the source of incredible stress.

Corporate Coaching

Caring for your employees offers huge dividends. Life/Work/Wellness Coaching programs are available today.

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