Building the way to End Sadness.

The sadness we suffer in our lives plays an essential part in our emotional growth and becoming stronger for what lies ahead. Without the correct resources and specific support, our sadness can hang over us, depress us and become a powerful and crippling weight that keeps us from moving forward.

End Sadness™ is a Nonprofit Organization that is creating a universal space, a website and social network platform where everyone with any sadness, issue, problem, loss or tragedy can find immediate assistance with verified and approved specific local, regional and global resources to save you searching when you barely have the energy to breathe.

End Sadness™ will go another step further for you. Using your general location, we would provide you the option of communicating with trained and verified End Sadness™ Volunteers that have overcome the same or similar issue, hardship or turmoil you are experiencing in your life. This would provide you with the comfort of knowing that you are not alone and that the ones you are talking with can relate better than anyone else. 

This process allows you to safely deal with your pain, embrace your sadness and move forward faster with a more positive outlook and perhaps even turning your negative experience into a positive one by helping others in the future as an End Sadness™ Volunteer yourself.

We are currently building a model link of the End Sadness™ website that will educate and bring a better understanding of how urgent and vital the need is to launch as soon as possible. Your generous donations keep us moving forward and bring the launch that much closer to tomorrow. End Sadness Inc. is working without end by continuously helping those in need and saving lives while bringing people together.

Who We Help

End Sadness Inc. is global. We are fueled with a passion to genuinely help all people in need. By providing a digital, social platform that gives specific resources and options to train volunteers to assist those in need, lives are given direction, healing and progress are accelerated and hope is given to strengthen and prepare those struggling for the future.  Our website is a global resource and networking project and will be made available to help everyone dealing with hardships. The following list is not inclusive. Our master list grows with every new fear or hardship someone tackles alone due to an unexpected trauma or tragedy in their life.

Our Mission

End Sadness Inc. is a nonprofit organization on a global mission to end sadness by providing a universal space that exemplifies the synergy of people and resources to produce the most positive and realistic hope to those in need.

Become a Sponsor. Get Involved.

Please contact us directly for more information to become a sponsor of this amazing mission to end the world’s sadness while bringing people together.

The tabs below are just some of the growing hardships, struggles, and fears that the End Sadness™ mission is taking on with passion, positivity, and love for all that are in need.

Those directly impacted by or supporting those impacted by PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  Depression  Suicide Prevention Anorexia Bulimia  Bi-Polar  Schizophrenia  Emotional Disorders  Hoarding  OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)  DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)  Gender Dysphoria  Mood Swings  Abuse ∗ Phobias ∗

Those directly impacted by or supporting those impacted by Loss of Life (Spouse) ∗ (Child) ∗ (Family) ∗ (Friend) ∗ (Classmate) ∗ (Co-worker) ∗ (Public Figure) ∗ Loss of Life (Suicide) ∗ (Tragedy) ∗

Those directly impacted by or supporting those impacted by Cancer (Child/Adult) ∗ Organ Transplant ∗ Pregnancy ∗ Abortion ∗ Blood Transfusion ∗ Car Accident ∗ Burn Victim ∗ Terminal Illness ∗

Those directly impacted by or supporting those impacted by Divorce ∗ Break-up ∗ Infidelity ∗ Sexually Transmitted Disease ∗ Abuse (Physical/Emotional/Sexual) ∗ 

Those directly impacted by or supporting those impacted by Addictions ∗ Recovering from Addictions ∗ (Gambling) (Alcohol) (Drugs) (Pornography) (Sex) (Technology) etc. ∗

Those directly impacted by or supporting those impacted by: Large Scale Natural Disasters ∗ Earthquake ∗ Tornado ∗ Hurricane ∗ Fire ∗ Mass Shooting ∗ Terrorist Attack ∗ Industrial Accidents ∗ 

Those directly impacted by or supporting those impacted by Loss of Job ∗ Poverty ∗ Homelessness ∗ Higher Education Stress ∗ Family Responsibility ∗ Saving ∗ Retirement ∗ Leaving a Will ∗ Hunger ∗ 

Those directly impacted by or supporting those impacted by Loss of Job ∗ Advancement ∗ Child Care ∗ Work Injury ∗

How You Can Get Involved

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Your generosity will continue to advance the End Sadness™ momentum forward. Please donate with a huge heart and urgency to provide real hope and start saving lives as quickly as possible.


The End Sadness™ Volunteer Program is the beating heart of this organization. Every End Sadness™ Volunteer, at some point in their lives, worked through the hardship and truly turned their pain into gain.


Create Awareness

There are many ways to contribute, one of the easiest and very effective methods is by creating a positive awareness of our mission to as many family and friends as you can. This can mean more donations and volunteers.

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We love the opportunity to communicate with those looking to join the End Sadness™ Mission. Contact us today to share your ideas, thoughts and contribute in any way possible.

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